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Press release - Packed AGM for Harwich Society

Press release - Packed AGM for Harwich Society

28 APR 2017

Press release - Packed AGM for Harwich Society

“We had more members at our AGM than some societies have members!” That was the way that amazed Harwich Society chairman, Colin Farnell, summed up the presence of over 100 members on Friday evening.

The Harwich Society AGM, which took place in the Navigator in Barrack Lane, was a positive and enjoyable occasion during which all of the Society’s Officers and trustees were reappointed and members heard upbeat reports from officers and those running the Society’s visitor attractions.

“On the eve of our visitor attractions opening for the 2017 season it was great to hear from the teams of volunteers who maintain and staff them and to have the opportunity to thank them for their commitment, dedication and hard work,” said Colin Farnell.

Once the business was completed the packed audience settled down to enjoy the annual talk given by the Harwich Society’s vice chairman, David Whittle. This year David had prepared a talk titled ‘Ray Island’ and treated the members to a fascinating history of Parkeston that included many photographs that those present had never seen.

“David has earned a wonderful reputation as a speaker and his latest talk will be in great demand throughout the wider community,” continued Colin Farnell. ”It was lovely for the members to have the first airing of his fascinating new talk and it was incredibly well received. The AGM not only concluded a great 2016-17 but also got 2017-18 off to a great start!

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