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Colin Farnell (Chairman, Harwich Society) and Simon Buteux (Historic England) inside the Treadwheel Crane.

03 Mar 2017
Talks are taking place with Historic England in a bid to get repairs to an historic building in Harwich off the ground. The first step towards restoring the Treadwheel Crane will be to have a survey carried out by specialists. The survey will involve investigating the complete condition of the structure, built in 1667 and which celebrates its 350th birthday this year, as well as what repairs need to be carried out. It is believed to be one of only two cranes of its type left in existence. Tendring District Council (TDC), which is responsible for the building on Harwich Green, met with Simon Buteux representative of Historic England last week as well as Colin Farnell, Chairman of the Harwich Society. The meeting was organised by TDC with the aim of Historic England helping to prepare a repairs schedule in due course, including what needs to be tackled sooner and what can wait. The Harwich Society will lead on any bid for funding through bodies providing grants to pay for the repairs. Mr Farnell said: “The Treadwheel Crane is an incredibly important historic structure and it is certainly in need of restorative maintenance. “I am very pleased that TDC has brought in Historic England to see it and that they are going to work together to find out exactly what needs to be done.” The crane cost £392 to build and served the town’s docks for 260 years before it was moved to its present position in 1930. Originally it had a boarded roof but that was later substituted by pantiles.

For further information on this press release contact Nigel Brown, Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager on 01255 686338.